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Born in Higashi-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. In 1999, graduated from Okayama Prefectural Okayama Sozan High School General Course. In 2002, I dropped out of Nihon University College of Art. In 2013 I graduated from The photography institute. The base of his activities is centered in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. I started music at the age of 3 and started photography art activities at the age of 17. After that, I moved to Tokyo. He bought a turntable at the age of 18 and started DJing. I is currently DJing under the name Studio baysick. After that, he bought a guitar and started writing and composing songs in 2012. And singer-songwriters have started their activities in the last few years. I love music and art.

岡山県岡山市東区生まれ。 1999年、岡山県立岡山県立岡山操山高等学校普通科を卒業。 2002年に日本大学芸術学部を中退。 2013年にThe Photography Instituteを卒業。 活動の拠点は岡山県岡山市を中心に活動。 3歳で音楽を始め、17歳で写真芸術活動を始動。その後、東京に上京。 18歳でターンテーブルを購入し、DJを活動を開始。 現在、DJ Studio baysickという名前でDJをしてる。 その後、2012年にギターを購入し、作詞作曲を開始、同時にシンガーソングライター活動を開始。 音楽と芸術をこよなく愛す。

Tomohiko Okazaki=DJ Studio baysick is slow life,
​country,and urban country's singer song writer!

Tomohiko Okazaki is a singer-songwriter who has been based in Okayama since 2012. He is currently DJing under the name DJ Studio baysick, but his DJ activities started in 1999. His hometown is Higashi-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture. A medium-sized city in Japan. He lives in an agricultural reserve and writes and composes more for slow life, on the theme of his hometown, or inspired by the city and travels he lived in. Starting in 2021, he started Studio baysick Label. There is also a Photographer and Art site called Studio baysick, but it is Tomohiko Okazaki of the same person.

Tomohiko Okazakiは、2012年から岡山を拠点に活動をしているシンガーソングライター。DJ Studio baysickという名義で現在はDJをしているがDJ活動は1999年から始動している。故郷は岡山県岡山市東区。 日本の中規模都市。 農業保護区に住んでいて、スロウライフをもっとうに、 故郷をテーマに、または住んでいた街や旅からインスピレーションを得て作詞作曲をしている。2021年を皮切りに、Studio baysick Labelを始動。Studio baysickというPhotographer、Artサイトもあるが、同人物のTomohiko Okazakiである。

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